Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

one moment in time

Have you ever shared a moment?  I mean really shared one, with locked eyes and the full weight of mutual understanding between you.  Mutual understanding.  No words, just emotion, agreement and maybe a sense of longing, passing like electricity.  For that split second, you could be the only two people on the Earth, nothing else matters; and then it's gone.  Gone as quickly as it arrived, gone without comment, sometimes gone forever. 

Have you ever shared a moment, and then thought about it, endlessly?  Too much time passing to go back and explore what the moment meant, if anything.  Too much time passing to see if they felt it too.  Too much time longing and wondering and wanting. 

If you ever share a moment, go grab that moment with both hands. Don't be left wondering, forever. 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

sound of silence

There is no sound of silence.
No sound to signify absence.
There is a feel of silence,
A weight,
A strength,
A substance.

If silence is an absence,
How can an absence, 
Feel so pressing.

How can an absence,
At all? 

So solid, so oppressive, so real.

If I was to dust the room with powder,
Would the shape of the silence be revealed?

A white and heavy being,
Expanding to suffocate
All it touches.

Expanding to touch all. 

Thursday, 4 October 2012


I don't like your face
Your smile
Your mind

I don't like your laugh
Your touch
Your soul

I don't like anything that you are
Because all that you are
Is tainted
By what you once were
To me

the sorrow of the meadows

She sat, filled with sadness. That familiar fullness at the top of her chest, the prickling of her eyes, tears were looming, breaking down the numb.  She lives her life with sadness, but rarely succumbs to it, choosing instead to hoist up her gunbelt and push it back down inside.  She is after all, not a weak female.  But not today.  Today she is sat, right were she sank when they told her, they told her Faye Margaret was dead.  Little FayMay, the only good and consistent thing in her life.  Little FayMay caught in a cross fire at Deblankos Liquor Store, gone, before she even hit the dirt.  Her only sister, and friend, gone.  Sure they were different, growing up, and heck, always, you would never of guessed they were sisters.  Amelia such a tomboy, always in pants, covered in grime, torturing the life outta some critter.  FayM was the one for dresses, and ribbons, and tea party's , and dolls.  Like <chalk and cheese>, they didn't rub along so well, but they always loved each other.  Growing up they got better acquainted.  FayM was appreciative of Amelia's many talents (and the golds she brought in) and Amelia was always in need of a good feeding.  They looked out for each other, in their own special way.  But now she was alone, and sat where she crumbled, and let the sadness consumed her. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

of matthew bellamy

...he takes a deep breath, and sings the word -LOVE- crystal clear to the heavens... I tumble forwards, pulled into the darkness of his cavernous mouth.  Surrounded by the glory of the universe, mystifying and beautiful.  His voice eclipses all.  I lay on my back, and gaze up at the stars, my senses filled with sound.  Emotion trickles from my fingertips as they gently caress the notes in the warm, summer air.