Friday, 1 April 2011

A Tragedy

…Even from here, in the corner of the world, I can hear the desperate cry as his life force is slowly leached out of his body.  He made one last journey in solitude, covered the mountainous regions of filing cabinets and crossed the treacherous chasm that divides this world to reach Mr Paxton, the one individual that has been prophesised to be the helper, the one who can find the solution.  But it seems that now, even this was in vain; he was too late.  The life giving air is still painfully escaping from his bulb shaped body; every breath may be his last.  His time on this earth has been short, his purpose has been fulfilled; his only comfort is that he made a birthday girl happy.  He slowly waits for eternity to claim him, as he dreams of his next life.

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