Saturday, 9 April 2011

Remasked, reventure

The smell of new leather permeates the warm, heavy air. Dusk is starting to settle across the horizon, casting an orange glow through the voiled windows. She pulls on her knee high boots; they creak as she pushes her delicate feet into the toes, and zips them up tight. It felt good to be back in costume, and new boots always gave her a sense of adventure; excitement hung in the air.  Finishing touches now only remained, black leather eye mask, tied prettily behind her head, and long leather gloves that perfectly highlighted her alabaster skin. She flexed her fingers, slicked on a quick coat of red lipstick, pulled aside the nets at the window and sprang up onto the ledge, nimble as she ever was. Here she crouched, poised, looking out across the city skyline, as a gentle breeze whipped her hair around her shoulders. With a delicate smile washing over her lips, she whispered to the void below her 'it's been too long' as she proppelled herself forwards and leapt into the twilight.  The curtains billowed from the window she'd left behind, and the unkown lay ahead.

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