Sunday, 29 January 2012

closed doors

She stared unwavering into his deep brown eyes, took a deep breath and spoke: "When we were both with other people it was fine, a little bit of harmless flirting, a little dangerous, but we both had boundaries". He reached to touch her hand, and she moved away. Her voice cracked as she held back the emotion, she continued, " I'm without a boyfriend it would be different. I'd be a sad and lonely person pining after someone who is taken, it shifts the energy. It's not a recipe for success however you look at it, no matter how nice it would be. And it would be nice, believe me". She knew at this, whatever they had would be over... but she also knew deep down that she could never really have him. He'd been with 'her' for too long, he would never leave. She convinced herself that no matter how it hurt now, it was for the best. Her heart beat out the rhythm if her loneliness, as she turned and left the train. Some doors are best left closed.

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