Thursday, 1 March 2012

leap day

... "you better not count to ten before you run boi!"

..."today's the day we can grabs us a man!"


Amelia Stagecoach Meadows,
Post apocalyptic Wild West:

"Leap year day?

That's the day when the law den't reach us. We have as long as the sun is high in the sky to catch em, by any means necessary; when we do, they cant say no. Once ever four years, the chaos comes, driven by carnal desire and a little bit of crazy; matches are ALL made this way.

Men cower, hidden out of sight. Streets are empty, aside from packs of women on the hunt. Shotguns in hand, eyes trained for movement at windows - the men will be found, some easier than others.

For some there is a want, a connection built up over the years that wants to go further; they make themselves easily found (only sweet Mary forbid the wrong woman does the finding!). For these, leap day is joyous, matches agreed, lust sated, futures planned out. Others aren't so lucky, remember, once found, they can't say no.

Women search, like wild coyotes; shotguns slung over the shoulder, calling to men folk with whistles and jeers. Years of desire, and yearning for younguns, has driven many half crazy. The men stay hidden. Some leave town the day before, try their lucks in the hills; but many tough it out, in the cellars, in the rafters, Old Bill one year even stopped in the water tank!- Skin pruned as a hundred year oldens after a life in the desert it was!

No man can stay bachelor forever. They nearly always get caught in the end, when their legs ain't as quicks as they use to be. Franklin managed it; to this day still no one knows where he does his hiding!

Me? I'm not ready for the hunt. I still got least another four good years of robbin in me, maybe even more than that! Maybe I'll end up like Franklin, a little lonely, sat on that old porch of mine, counting my spoils and watching the world turn."

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