Tuesday, 7 February 2012

his shoes

It's the shoes that interest me the most, as I get older, I can tell a lot about the shoes. I feel immediately closer to someone with scuffed toes, than any number of pointed shiny patent fellows. It is what one wears on the feet that really maketh the man. I like mr a little unkempt, mr life is too interesting to use polish, mr o! I've got feet. I don't like a man that can spend longer than I do in the bathroom. One whose hair is styled to within an inch of it's life, one whose shirt is perfectly ironed and who is grouchy if I've washed it on the wrong setting. The shoes are the true tell tale sign of the person who is right for me, and as I wait for him, I'm happy, knowing that he isn't wasting his time with polish.

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